It is one thing for a dealership to rave about its own cars and what they offer, and its another for a prestigious award ceremony to do that same. In the case of Mazda’s SKYACTIV-X Engine, it is the latter. This year, that revolutionary engine earned Mazda Gold at the Edison Awards.

According to, “Mazda Motor Company has been awarded Gold at the Edison Awards for its breakthrough SKYACTIV-X compression-ignition engine.” This is the first compression-ignition engine made available for commercial use, competing against several other transportation technologies from automotive to aerospace to win the award given by the Edison Universe Organization which was created to foster innovation and creativity in matters of technology and industry.

The SKYACTIV-X compression-ignition engine works by implementing Spark Controlled Compression Ignition, balancing ignition timing as well as the air-to-fuel ration allowing it to maximize fuel-efficiency and increase torque. It is an outstanding part of Mazda’s Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 plan.

Now, here at Jim Ellis Mazda Atlanta we are not surprised at all by this recognition. We work with these wonderful vehicles every day and are well aware of the wonderful advancements Mazda produces year after year. But, if you would like to understand better the technology and innovation that goes into each Mazda vehicle’s driving experience, the best way to do that is by getting behind the wheel for yourself. So, visit our dealership for a test drive today. We proudly serve the Mazda drivers of the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. If you have any questions regarding our SKYACTIV engines, please feel free to contact us directly either by email or over the phone for more information.

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