The Mazda MX-5 Miata has always stood out in its unique compact style from both the competition and the Mazda family, and now Mazda has taken its sports car and given it even more power than before, at least for the Japan market.

According to, “The updated Mazda Miata will have 181 horsepower, a 7,500-RPM redline, and a telescopic steering wheel—at least, that’ll be the case in Japan. The current Miata has 155 horsepower and weighs around the 2,400-pound mark, meaning this would bump the car up by 26 hp.” Now, this is a good bet that this update is for the 2019 model year but right now, only time will tell if that extra power will make its way over here.

Now, we at Jim Ellis Mazda Atlanta are so proud of our Miata, and we can’t wait to get that updates model and for you to get behind the wheel and experience the new levels of power for yourself. Until then, visit our dealership and take a test drive in our current Miata sports car today. We proudly serve all of the current or soon-to-be Mazda drivers of the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. If you have any questions regarding our current inventory of Mazda MX-5 Miata vehicles, please feel free to contact us directly either by email or over the phone for more information.

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